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Xpressions Dance Competition Team

Our 2024 Competition Team is ready to rehearse!!  They will be traveling to three regional competitions this year and are looking forward to growing in their dance training.  

2023 was a great year for our competition team!  Our dancers all grew tremendously and learned a lot from their experiences on stage and from the judges that offered critiques.  They took home lots of awards, overall placements, and even some first places!!  Lots of dancers earned scholarships throughout the season for different opportunities as well.  Great job this season, dancers!!!

2022 brought much more normalcy to our Competition Team thankfully!  Our dancers were back on real stages with full experiences!  It was great to be with the other studios again.  Our dancers did such a great job on stage and brought home lots of high score awards, special judges awards, choreography awards, and some first place placements as well!  Congratulations on a successful season!!

2021 has continued with lots of challenges, but our XDC Competition Team really made us proud!  We attended three regional competitions in NC and VA and although things were very different and modified, we were so thrilled to see our dancers compete!  Our team received many high scores and overall placements, plus a number of special judges awards including two Choreography Awards for our senior ballet group!  Congratulations to the entire team!